Market Drifting, Giant Atom Accelerator Up and Running

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

  • Stocks opened somewhat higher currently up 22 points as the Dow approaches the psychological 11,000 level. I wrote an article back on May 9, 2009 entitled "So Much For Shorting". In my conclusion I wrote: "Now, I am not trying to argue that the Dow will quickly recover to 11,000..." Ha, suppose I should have argued that with the Dow nearly back to 11,000 less than a year later!
  • The science geeks out there woke up to some fun news this morning as the Large Hadron Collider had a successful run at colliding proton beams at speeds 3 times faster than ever before. The 17-mile, $10 billion tunnel built in Switzerland and France has been physicists' hope of proving the existence of the "God particle" among other insights into the "deepest laws of nature". After 18 months of delays, the LHC research program begins anew. I've been following this story for a while after reading that some scientists were worried this thing could potentially create a black hole and suck us all up. Good thing that didn't happen! (CNN)
  • A design student has proposed a construction of Coca-Cola bottles into a cube shape. He argues that shipping containers are rectangular, so should the bottles be. Brilliant! (The Big Picture)
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