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Thursday, February 11, 2010

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A Flawed Model: Relying on High Frequency Traders As Liquidity Providers (Advanced Trading, September 24, 2010)
Put Your Rally Caps Back On: 5 Reasons the Long-Term Bull Will Resume (Yahoo! Finance, July 27, 2010)
Major Structural Changes in US Equity Markets You Must Know (Zero Hedge, July 9, 2010)
An Order Cancellation Tax on HFT Would Curtail Deceptive Quoting (Advanced Trading, March 4, 2010)

Quoted within:
Pimco Releases Two More Bond ETFs (Investor's Business Daily, September 22, 2010)
Stocks recover as investors shrug off fears of Bernanke's exit plans (International Business Times, February 10, 2010)