Volatility Continues, I'm Checking Out

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This weekend was a complete blur of finance as I ate, drank and slept with my CFA books. Posting will be very light this week as the exam is on Saturday and I am fully devoted to consuming as much possible information as I can. After a mild freak out on Friday, I am finally feeling more confident in my mastery of the vast amount of material I need to know for the test. With a fairly substantial finance background, I sailed through Level I but Level II is definitely a completely different ballgame.

Anyways, good riddance to May, the worst returns in decades with the S&P 500 chalking up an 8.2% loss for the month. I may or may not have a post for the rest of the week. I apologize to my loyal readers but my brain cannot handle staying current for this week. Good luck this week all!
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