Happy Birthday Trading Wall Street!

Monday, June 07, 2010

My blog is officially 2 years old! Happy birthday Trading Wall Street! I started this blog on June 7, 2008 as a way to create something "tangible" while living in an electronically traded stock market in front of a computer with transitory price movements (...and P&L) day in and day out. Yet, it is rather funny that I find a level of trangibleness in an online blog. I guess that's the way of the world now.

I completed the CFA Level II exam this past Saturday. Wow, what a doozy! Now begins the waiting game of a few months to hear whether I passed or not. I'm not terribly confident in my passing, I was surprised by the level of difficulty, particularly the morning session. I feel that I have a great financial education, I studied all the CFA material yet was still caught off-guard by a number of questions. Who knows really. I would guess I scored somewhere right around a 70% and while it may sound arrogant, I would be very impressed with the program if I fail this exam. I consider my understanding of finance to be in the top 40% of my peers but perhaps I am comparing myself with the wrong crowd. Anyways, no sense speculating really, I'll know soon enough and I'll either be studying for II again or III in six months. Thanks to everyone for their support!

With the CFA over, I am cleaning out my Google Reader forcing myself to pass over the 751 unread articles I've accumulated in just the last week of trying to ignore the market. I needed my time to be fully dedicated to the exam but now I'm back! I started reading a John Grisham book yesterday to free my brain and read some great, made-for-TV writing. I'll be back in the swing of posting in no time trying to make sense of these volatile markets.
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