Jobs Report Fueling Gains, Apple Debuts iPad

Monday, April 05, 2010

Markets around the world are rallying with Tokyo up half a percent and London cruising up 1.6% right now. New York futures are trading higher pre-market following Friday's encouraging jobs report.

Apple provided the weekend's excitement to many tech fans with the release of the iPad on Saturday. Apple confirmed that it sold over 300,000 units on the opening day as geeks everywhere camped out and many stores sold out. It's great to see that consumers will still come out to spend for new and innovative products even in the midst of this downturn.

Congrats to Anthony Kim winning the Shell Houston Open in a fun play-off. He put together an incredible weekend of putting winning the tournament while missing over 40% of fairways, an incredibly terrible rate. It was a great primer for The Masters this weekend as everyone's favorite returns to the game.

A great quote has been making its rounds in the blogosphere by Josh Brown of the Christian Science Monitor:
For some reason, people saying bearish things always sound smarter than those with more bullish leanings. Many of the bears are sharp guys. They often have great insights and the courage of their convictions. They write very well and much of what they say has been incontestable.

But investing based on their conclusions this year, as satisfying as they may have been on a purely cerebral level, would’ve kept you out – or even short – during one of the greatest face-melting rallies in history.
Just think, the unemployment rate is at 9.7% having barely ticked down off the recession's highs and the equity markets have rallied 73.5%.
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