Tokyo Reclaims Friday Losses

Monday, February 22, 2010

  • Tokyo surged last night adding 277 points, or 2.74% following Friday's rebound in US markets. London is trading up .4% and US futures are about the same.

  • Support for the Volcker Rule continues to grow as 5 previous Treasury secretaries have stepped forward to support it. The rule essentially separates risk-taking activities from traditional banking. Commercial banks should be highly regulated, supported institutions and hedge funds should be private funds allowed to fail. Makes sense to me!

  • President Obama will attempt to resuscitate his health care plans this week by introducing a proposal to Congress today. This is seemingly a step he should have taken long ago rather than let Americans watch months of the sausage-making process. The plan calls for federal authority to limit "unfair" insurance premium increases. It seems like a last-ditch effort by Obama to get something passed.

  • Toyota President Akio Toyoda faces Congress this week. I doubt he finds a friend.
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