Market Catching Some Shorts

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

  • Tokyo closes flat and London up half a percent. US futures trading up close on the dead lows, big gap up, hmmm guess nobody knows. I still think downside is in the cards, just trying to be patient.

  • Largest position short the euro ever recorded is on right now. There's a 40,000 contract short position on the currency, equivalent to $7.6 billion. The euro has dropped rapidly against the dollar losing over 15 cents in just 2 months now trading at $1.37 amid fears of fears of sovereign debt issues spreading beyond Greece. The next possible dominoes look to be Spain and Portugal. Short squeeze a-comin' after 50% retrace?

  • The dollar has been on a tear now 8.3% off early December lows. Problems in the eurozone have spurred a decisive flight to safety.

  • Coca-Cola top line rises a solid 5% in the fourth quarter. I'd expect more numbers in this range in the coming year for most companies: growth but very moderate growth.
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