Berkshire Hathaway's Top 15 Holdings

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Warren Buffett has a cult-like following after decades of successfully investing capital under the legendary Benjamin Graham's value investing philosophy. I, for one, am a big believer in the style and keep a close eye of Buffett's moves to study his company choices. Below are Berkshire Hathaway's top 15 stock holdings. This list excludes the multitude of fully-owned companies under the empire.

CompanyHolding ValueStake in Company
Coca-Cola$11.06 billion8.68%
Well Fargo$8.81 billion6.18%
American Express$6.25 billion12.72%
Procter & Gamble$5.48 billion3.01%
Kraft Foods$3.97 billion9.37%
Wal-Mart$2.04 billion0.98%
Wesco Financial Corp$2.04 billion80.1%
ConocoPhillips$1.85 billion3.87%
Johnson & Johnson$1.74 billion0.98%
US Bancorp$1.64 billion3.61%
Moody's$862.96 million13.43%
Washington Post$717.2 million18.38%
M&T Bank Corp$500.34 million5.68%
Nike$492 million1.55%
Costco Wholesale$321.18 million1.2%
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