Free Market Healthcare Anecdote

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hat tip to my buddy Adam at Goat Lotus
Bumrungrad, Bangkok Thailand the real Free Market Healthcare

Michael Moore takes us to Canada; he takes us to Cuba, but where do we go to hear the other side of the story--where do we go to see fully functioning free market healthcare? One place is Bumrungrad Hospital in the downtown of Bangkok, Thailand.

I made an appointment to see a specialist on the internet the day before and in less than 6 hours, I got my first choice time of 6:15pm the next day. From entering the hospital to when I was seen by a doctor took 14 minutes--from when the care was finished, billing, and leaving the hospital, 5.

I paid 1,800 baht, which is 53$ out of pocket, no insurance. I think that is about 3 times cheaper and 5 times quicker than anything I have ever experienced in the US and to get an appointment the next day is outrageous.

The Free Market: Helping People Help Each Other.


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