Earnings Handily Beating Forecasts

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Second quarter earnings season is in full swing with 12 of the 30 Dow stocks having reported as of this morning. Every Dow component has beaten estimates so far showing estimates have been a bit too low so far.
CompanySymbolActual Estimate % Beat
Alcoa AA $(0.26) $(0.38) 31.58%
Bank of America BAC $0.33 $0.28 17.86%
Catepillar CAT $0.72 $0.22 227.27%
DuPont DD $0.61 $0.53 15.09%
General Electric GE $0.26 $0.23 13.04%
IBM IBM $2.32 $2.02 14.85%
Intel INTC $0.18 $0.08 125.00%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $1.15 $1.11 3.60%
JP Morgan JPM $0.28 $0.04 600.00%
Coca-Cola KO $0.92 $0.89 3.37%
Merck MRK $0.83 $0.77 7.79%
United Technologies UTX $1.05 $1.04 0.96%


John Smith Investor said...

Is now the time to put in my long term investments for my future? If so, what sectors should I focus on? If not, then when? Thanks Mr. Rowley!

Brandon Rowley said...

Honestly, I don't know. I see a strong possibility of a double-dip recession (while realizing that most economic forecasts are BS). The key to a sustained stock market recovery is the economy. The key to economic recovery is the housing market. I fail to see any signs of a true bottom in housing so I continue to doubt the economy and, therefore, the stock market.

All you can do it position yourself in relatively safe positions with defined stops and hold for a larger move. It's tough to put money to work with the Nasdaq just posting its 11th day up. I still think the market needs time to base and investors would be wise to be patient and wait for stocks to come to them. I expect a much more range-bound market for the next couple years.

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