Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Friday, May 01, 2009

Consolidated Statement of Condition
of All Federal Reserve Banks
April 30, 2009
U.S. Treasury Securities $ 549,046,000
Agency Debt Securities $ 68,158,000
Mortgage-Backed Securities $ 366,153,000
Term Auction Credit $ 403,573,000
Other Loans $ 101,531,000
Other Assets $ 579,688,000
Total Assets $ 2,068,149,000
Deposits $ 1,078,143,000
Other Liabilities $ 943,127,000
Total Liabilities $ 2,021,270,000
Total Capital $ 46,879,000

The table above shows the shocking reality of the bulging Federal Reserve balance sheet. The Federal Reserve currently has a leverage ratio of 44-to-1 as it has put billions of dollars in assets on its books to unfreeze credit markets and fight the global recession. Will foreigners stop funding the U.S. government debt eventually? Will all these toxic assets now shifted to the Fed's balance sheet affect our country's triple-A rating? Only time will tell.


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